Nano Shot, LLC, is dedicated to creating proprietary, nano-emulsified, products which contain NO THC so that every sector of our customer base can use our wonderful products and not have to worry about putting their jobs at risk for failed drug tests.  Our Core Values and Beliefs are as follows:


To provide the highest quality and most effective products to our customers. We focus on producing products that are 100% plant-based and natural, all while ensuring meticulous quality control. We know our farmers, the dirt they grow in and only partner with US-based farmers who follow the best pesticide-free and organic farming practices. We then produce each batch of Nano Emulsified products adhering to exacting manufacturing standards in our FDA Licensed/Registered facilities.


We envision a time soon where nearly all cannabinoid products will be post-processed and turned into Nano Emulsions before entering the consumer market. It's about helping people increase the quality of their life by providing the most therapeutically beneficial products.

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