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What is CBD?

There are more than 100 active cannabinoids identified in the Hemp and Marijuana plants. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp plants. There have been many scientific and health-related research studies performed on these molecules. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the cannabinoids which clinical research shows are safe, responsible for most health-related benefits from the cannabis plant, non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and therefore does not get users “high.”

Is CBD Legal?

CBD can be found in both the Marijuana plant as well as its cousin, the Hemp plant. Marijuana strains are genetically engineered for high THC and low CBD. Inversely the Hemp plant has been bred to have high levels of CBD and low levels of THC.  Therefore, in order to be Federally legal, CBD products must use CBD from the Hemp plant and contain less than 0.3% THC.  NOTE:  ALL PRODUCTS PRODUCED BY NANO SHOT LLC USE CBD DERIVED FROM HEMP PLANTS ONLY.

I have my CDL license, will I fail a drug test when using Nano Shot products?

Because our products contain NO THC, you will not fail a drug test when only using our products.

Delta 8 products seem to be gaining in popularity as an alternative to CBD. Given they are a THC cannabinoid are they legal?

Current guidelines on Delta 8 products are very vague.  Manufacturers of some Delta 8 products make claims that many states allow such products as long as the Delta 8 comes from a Hemp plant.  However, high CBD producing hemp plants (Federally legal) do not produce Delta 8 at the levels (or at all) that would allow companies to mass produce products claiming to be using Delta 8 from Hemp.

Furthermore, our sister company’s (Mountain Range CBD) independent third-party test results, for their Hemp CBD distillate used in their finished products, confirm that NO Delta 8 existed in such refined CBD Oil from the Hemp plant.  This was consistent over multiple liters of Hemp CBD Distillate that Mountain Range used for producing finished products.  Not one liter of such Hemp CBD Distillate produced any trace of Delta 8 when tested at a third-party/independent lab.  Our analysis of such independent test results would confirm our statement above in that it is impossible to produce mass quantities of Delta 8 from Federally legal Hemp plants.

Therefore, it appears that many of the Delta 8 products must be manufactured using Delta 8 from the Marijuana plant (which is Federally illegal) or synthetically derived, which is also not recommended among industry experts.

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