Why Nano

Why Nano

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CBD Nano-Emulsion

Nano CBD is created when CBD oil is processed through highly specialized Nano-Emulsification Systems. Nano-Emulsification involves using ultrasonic waves that shatter CBD molecules into dozens of CBD “nanoparticles” made to a fraction of their original size.

Our proprietary process reduces the size of cannabinoids to less than 25 nanometers. This allows the particles to be absorbed directly into the body at a cellular level, dramatically increasing bioavailability making it the most effective form of use and benefit.

Benefits of Nano-Emulsified CBD Products

  • Bioavailability – Substantial increase in bioavailability and absorption across all consumption methods. Absorption rate is approximately 600% to 700% higher than traditional CBD Oil.
  • NO THC – With no psychoactive compounds, will not get user high and will not trigger a positive drug test
  • Uptake – Starts almost immediately upon oral administration vs. 60+ minutes for traditional oil
  • Less is More – the user gets at least 6X the benefits from the same serving size as compared to other products that use traditional CBD oil. No more wasting 90% of the therapeutical effects of CBD
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  • NO THC
  • Quick and Easy to Use With Near Immediate Effects
  • 100% Natural and Plant-Based
  • No Artificial Ingredients or Additives
  • Zero Calories/Zero Sugars
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in USA, Including Bottles and Packaging
  • Manufactured in FDA Licensed/Registered Facilities
  • Overly Prepared – Because our facilities are licensed/registered with the FDA, we are prepared for more government oversight as the CBD industry grows.  We consider our GMP processes to be years ahead of our competition.
  • Company is 100% Minority/Woman Owned

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