3 Bridges Consulting joining forces with Nano-Shot an innovative leader in the CBD Industry

Published June 7th, 2022 by Nano Shot LLC

Sarasota, Florida – 3 Bridges Consulting is excited to announce our partnership with Nano Shot (www.nano-shot) a division of Harmon Brands. 3BC has been given the exclusive rights to build out Nano-Shot's e-commerce marketing strategy, which will include a full business to consumer marketing plan across all platforms. 

Nano Shot is a division of Harmon Brands, a leader in the CBD industry focusing on producing allnatural plant-based products. Nano Shot is their latest product and will revolutionize the CBD industry. 

What makes Nano Shot different than any other product on the market is their proprietary Nano Emulsification Technology. Such technology creates a concentrated CBD product with 15 milligrams of Nano CBD in a 2fl oz. bottle (equivalent to 90 milligrams of regular CBD oil). Nano-Shot provides near immediate results, allowing you to relax and unwind quickly, as well as providing a sense of relief and calm. Nano Shot is all-natural with NO THC, no sugar, and zero calories. It is manufactured in the USA in FDA licensed and registered facilities. 

Dennis Williams Co-Founder of 3 Bridges Consulting on Nano Shot: “Larry Harmon and I have been friends for a long time, and when he introduced us to this project, we were excited to be a part of it. What really made the difference was seeing this product in action because it flat out works! All it takes is a sampling of this product and you will feel the difference” 

Larry Harmon Founder and CEO of Harmon Brands and Nano Shot on why he chose 3BC “When I was searching for a company to partner with on the content and video side of my business, I saw the work that 3 Bridges Consulting had done, and it was exceptional. After hiring them for my brand videos, I quickly realized that they had the experience I was looking for in the e-commerce space. I am confident that they will help this product get in the hands of more consumers, which has been my goal all along, knowing this product can make a difference in people’s lives” 

As part of the launch of their e-commerce business, Nano Shot will be offering a subscription service. The membership will only be available online and will allow consumers to benefit from regular daily and monthly use of Nano Shot at discounted prices. 

3 Bridges Consulting will also continue to expand our content partnership with Nano Shot and Harmon Brands on a project called CBD-University. The goal of CBD-University is to educate and inform people on the positive health benefits of CBD. We will also endeavor to dispel the myths around CBD and offer Q&A forum for people who are curious about CBD. 

Interested in learning more, please contact Dennis Williams at or Sean Springman at 3 Bridges Consulting is a full-service sales and marketing consulting firm headquartered in Florida with clients all over the country. They are a leader in helping brands find their identity through storytelling and video content, and then delivering that content to a target audience. Their goal is to build an unbreakable bridge between you and your best customer. 

Harmon Brands is a Natural Health and Wellness Company located in Montana. They focus on producing 100% natural plant-based products. Nano Shot is the latest in their line of products manufactured with no additives or non-natural ingredients.

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