From BIG SKY COUNTRY, NANO SHOT Launches a Collection of
Natural, Great Tasting
Nano-Emulsified CBD/HEMP

Published June 3rd, 2022 by Nano Shot LLC

With stress, anxiety, and mental health issues on the rise in the post pandemic era, Nano Shot is launching their collection of CBD-infused beverages made with real fruit juice, no artificial flavors, zero calories/sugars and NO THC. The product line, with its proprietary NANO emulsification technology, allows adult consumers to experience a near instant calm and relaxing sensation unlike most of the other options in the marketplace. NANO SHOT is the contemporary solution for today’s health and wellness conscious consumer seeking real functionality and is currently available on-line ( and in select markets throughout the US.

The collection is available in ready-to-drink 2oz. bottles and includes four flavors: Blueberry-Pomegranate, Pineapple-Coconut, Mango-Hot Chili (Available 6/22), and Citrus (Available 6/22). Larry Harmon, Creator and Founder of NANO SHOT developed the brand from a very personal space: “My mother was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and I knew that a 100% natural CBD formulation, if created with a strict focus on the most scientifically advanced nano-emulsification process, could provide a product that assists with enhancing the quality of her daily life. I am very proud of our science and our team and can’t wait to spread the NANO SHOT benefit to consumers across the country and the world.”

Harmon Brands, the parent company that created NANO SHOT, was founded in 2020 with the goal of developing and manufacturing natural/plant-based products for the health & wellness marketplace. Seeing so many other CBD products in the market that either contained heavy amounts of sugar, artificial ingredients, and a taste profile that would choke a horse, the Harmon Brands team was determined to deliver a better solution coupled with a natural CBD experience. Said Mike Hope, owner of the popular Rocking R Bar/Ponderosa Social Club located in Bozeman, MT, “Seeing Larry and his team build a business that supports Health and Wellness, gives the community a sense of pride and is a testament to the entrepreneurial and creative spirit that exists in Montana.”

When asked about the competitive landscape, Larry replied, “The real competition in the category is with all of the ‘bad actors.’ Products that came before us were often made with cheap isolate or synthetically derived CBD, sometimes even with no CBD at all, and didn’t deliver on their efficacy. Nano Shot is a CBD ‘shot’ that is 100% natural, plant based and produced with a high-quality nano-emulsion process that boosts absorption and creates more bioavailability in the body. Part of our mission is to help consumers and our customers learn about CBD, Hemp and the different technologies and processes that are used to make high quality solutions that reap the most benefit from products like Nano Shot. This is why we founded CBD University (CBDU) to help dispel myths and share our knowledge.”

The beverage advisory group InterContinental Beverage Capital (IBC), based in New York City, is providing Harmon Brands with brand development and sales and marketing guidance to assist in their company’s evolution and scalability. IBC Partner, Scott Weiermiller who is responsible for the brand’s commercialization believes that “NANO SHOT is the ideal health and wellness beverage addition to our expanding portfolio. We are always seeking unique and proprietary beverage solutions… NANO SHOT is the right solution at the right time.” For more information visit:

Harmon Brands, LLC is headquartered in Belgrade, Montana. For more information visit:

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